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Most Luxurious Marquetry handicrafts for sale at Shopiranart. Marquetry known as Persian Moaragh-kari in Iran. Marquetry or “Moaragh” is the art of making art with the laying of colorful and valuable wood, such as ivory, oysters, and metal, to achieve the desired design. Persian (Iranian) Marquetry or Wood art mosaic can be one of the most beautiful and finest wood arts and crafts in Iran. The Isfahan art scene in Iran has a special place, the best and most diverse works of the world about this art to the Iranians.

As we said Persian Marquetry for sale or Khatam Kari is one of the Persian expressions of marquetry wherein the surface of wooden or metallic articles is beautified with pieces of wood, bone and metal cut in an assortment of shapes and plans.

Marquetry (too spelled as marqueterie or Khatam kari; from the French marquetry, to variegate) is the craftsmanship and creation of applying pieces of polish to a structure to create enhancing designs, plans or pictures. The strategy may be connected to case furniture or indeed situate furniture, to embellishing little objects with smooth, veneerable surfaces or to unsupported pictorial boards acknowledged in their claim right.

Khatam kari or Marquetry varies from the more old create of decorate, or intarsia, in which a strong body of one material is cut out to get areas of another to create the surface design. The word infers from a Center French word meaning “decorated work”.

History of Persian Marquetry

Iranian handicrafts can be compared to a beautiful and colorful system that Khatam Kari is one of the bright and shining stars of this galaxy. Shiraz is the birthplace and Isfahan can now be named as the base of this magnificent and prominent art of Iranian handicrafts. Inlay, enameling, turquoise, etc. have turned Iranian handicrafts into a rainbow of colors, designs and patterns.

In a general definition, Khatam Kari is regular and colorful polygons on the work surface based on creating a geometric or mosaic-like or triangular design that together or creating a regular design creates a stylish, beautiful and eye-catching work.

Khatam Kari is one of the most original and beautiful branches of Iranian handicrafts, the construction of which, in addition to the taste and artistic look of the builder, requires time, precision, patience and patience. According to most experts, antiquities, cultural heritage and handicrafts introduce Shiraz as the birthplace of this art-industry, but due to the interest and attention of the kings of the Safavid dynasty to this art, Isfahan to the center of production and promotion of inlay work and It became the cradle of handicrafts. However, some still believe that Khatam Shiraz has more elegance and charm than other production areas of these works.

In the museums of the world, there are different types of high quality Iranian inlays (Khatam Kari), One of the Khatam Kari chessboards kept in the Banaki Museum in Athens is one of the best examples of Safavid Khatam Kari. Perhaps the best example of this art today is Khatami’s table, which won a gold medal at the 1958 Brussels Exhibition. In the art of inlay, various woods such as ivory, bone, brass and sometimes gold and silver are used.

Materials of Marquetry for sale:

The lacquers utilized by Marquetry for sale are basically woods, but may incorporate bone, ivory, turtle-shell (customarily called “tortoiseshell”), mother-of-pearl, pewter, brass or fine metals. Marquetry utilizing colored straw was a claim to fame of a few European spa resorts from the conclusion of the 18th century. Numerous outlandish woods as well as common European assortments can be utilized, from the near-white of boxwood to the near-black of dark, with polishes that hold stains well, like sycamore, colored to supply colors not found in nature.

The French cabinet creator Andre-Charles Boulle (1642–1732) specialized in furniture utilizing metal and either wood or tortoiseshell together, the last mentioned acting as the foundation.

The only kind of marquetry for sale employments as it were two sheets of lacquer, which are briefly stuck together and cut with a fine saw, creating two differentiating boards of indistinguishable plan, (in French called partie and contre-partie, “portion” and “partner”).

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