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Taj Mahal is Overated, Check Out These 5 Hindu Temples

By Alisha Upadhyay

The lyricist Naushad penned down words in awe of the Taj Mahal that are roughly translated into “An emperor made Taj Mahal and gave the world a symbol of love”. There is no doubt the Taj Mahal is one of the wonders of the world, something India is proud of. But while we appreciate Taj Mahal’s beauty let’s not unsee the architectural masterpieces that are the Hindu Temples.

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Chidambaram Nataraja, Tamil Nadu

Hindu Temples
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Chit meaning consciousness and Ambalam meaning a “stage” for performing arts. This Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is at the heart of the temple town of Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu...

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How to Maintain A Youthful Look with Less Chemicals

Stress-related factors contribute tremendously to how one looks and feels. This translates to less-healthy skin. Reducing work and socially related stress can easily prevent skin blemishes such as pimples, rashes, and blisters. The 5 beauty tips to reduce blemishes include:


Exercise regularly to increase blood flow, which in turn sends more oxygen and vital nutrients to the skin. Not having enough time to exercise is normally a result of stress-related activities. Make time at home, before and after work, to exercise a little.

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These workouts trigger hormones that also help with how your skin deals with toxicity. If you exercise with makeup on (ladies), there is a chance that breakouts may occur...

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WhatsApp Pay to be Launched in Partnership with Jio

Reiterating his commitment to launch WhatsApp Pay for over 400 million users of the messaging platform in India, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the Reliance Jio partnership is a huge opportunity to enable small businesses and individuals in the country to buy and sell things through WhatsApp.

Talking to analysts during an earnings call on Thursday, Zuckerberg said that a lot of people use WhatsApp, especially in India.

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“We want to enable that. That starts with enabling payments. A big part of the partnership that we have with Jio will be to wire up and get thousands of small businesses across India on-boarded onto WhatsApp, to do commerce there,” the Facebook CEO emphasized.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has been testing its payment...

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Debunking Myths And Stating Facts About Hepatitis

Hepatitis means inflammation of the liver commonly caused by viral infection. In India, over 40 million people are chronically infected with Hepatitis B and 12 million are affected by Hepatitis C. We loose over 50,000 individuals annually due to liver failure as a result of hepatitis. Dr. Avnish Seth, Director, Gastroenterology & Hepatobiliary Sciences, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram debunks the myths and states the facts around this condition:

Myth 1: All Hepatitis viruses are the same

Fact: Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E are different viruses with different modes of transmission and clinical manifestations. While Hepatitis A and E are transmitted by ingestion of contaminated food, Hepatitis B and C are transmitted by blood transfusion, unprotected sex and tattoos...

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تهیه حیوان خانگی خود را پس از همه گیر تغییرات

Wآنکه برخی از ما تصمیم به باقی می ماند در یک خودخواسته مستند بسیاری در حال بازگشت به زندگی به عنوان قبل از آن بود این مستند. برای حیوانات خانگی این می تواند دلهره آور به خصوص پس از صرف زمان زیادی را با شما در خانه است.

اگر شما شروع به رفتن به کار Seattle شاه موسس Petkonnect سهام برخی از راهنمایی برای کمک به شما آماده حیوان خانگی خود را برای این تغییر است.

دنبال NewsGram در Quora فضا برای دریافت پاسخ به تمام سوالات خود را.

تشویق فضا

به خصوص برای پدر و مادر حیوان خانگی که حیوانات خا...

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مغلوب ساختن پیشی جستن در دیدار با فلوریدا کلانترها بود که با حضور در کنفرانس با COVID مثبت همکار

فلوریدا کلانترها بود که با حضور در کنفرانس این هفته با یک COVID-19-آلوده همکار ملاقات کرد بعد از ظهر جمعه با رئیس جمهور دونالد مغلوب ساختن پیشی جستن.

Volusia County Sheriff مایک Chitwood گزارش مثبت خود را تست فقط ساعت قبل از بیش از یک دوجین دیگر کلانترها ایستاده بود و با مغلوب ساختن پیشی جستن در فرودگاه بین المللی تمپا آسفالته.

ادامه مطلب: Volusia کلانتر مایک Chitwood تست مثبت برای coronavirus

Chitwood حضور داشتند فلوریدا کلانتر ...

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Sewa International Youth thank Kaiser Permanente Staff with a Free Luncheon

Sewa International’s Bay Area Chapter organized a luncheon for 500 frontline workers from Kaiser Permanente in Fremont, CA on Wednesday, July 22 to thank them for their hard work and sacrifices in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Sewa’s young volunteers collected over $20,000 to fund the luncheon as part of their LEAD summer leadership program. They raised this amount by hosting online games, teaching AMC Math, and coaching middle schoolers for the Math Olympiad.

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“During these trying and unprecedented times, these amazing individuals from Kaiser Permanente have shown us the power of self-sacrifice for the sake of society and for those in need...

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Southwest Florida virtual job fair provides ‘visibility’, sees high demand during coronavirus pandemic

With the country tumbling into a coronavirus-fueled recession, many Americans are searching for employment.

To answer this issue, virtual career fairs have popped up with the hopes of filling needs for job seekers and employers in a safe environment. The pandemic has posed challenges in connecting with companies as the job-searching process has traditionally relied on in-person interactions. 

CareerSource Southwest Florida held one of these virtual fairs on Thursday, the same day the U.S. economy’s worst contraction on record was reported.

The need for such an event has proven to be high in the region. 

In June, the unemployment rate dropped to a still-high 9.7% from 12...

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Houston Reports Record 18 COVID-19 Deaths as Turner Announces Rent Relief Fund

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner announced that the Houston Health Department reported a record-high 18 new COVID-19 deaths within the city on Friday in an end of week press conference. The previous single-day record of 16 new deaths was reported on July 15.

Houston’s COVID-19 death toll now sits at 450, and there have been 729 coronavirus deaths reported in Harris County and Houston combined. The Houston Health Department reported 1,554 new COVID-19 cases within the city on Friday, which puts the cumulative total of confirmed cases between Harris County and Houston at 72,964 since the start of the pandemic.

Turner stressed that while local hospital occupancy levels have seen a slight decrease over the past week, the pandemic is still raging rapidly in the Houston area. Dr...

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Above 60% Tokyo Olympics’ Volunteers “Worried or Anxious” About Coronavirus Impact

More than 60 per cent of the volunteers for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics are “worried or anxious” about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the Games, a survey has found.

Japanese state broadcaster NHK said on Friday that Tokyo 2020 organisers conducted the survey this month of volunteers who will be working mainly at event sites, reports Xinhua news agency.

About 26,000 out of the 80,000 people who have signed up responded to the survey which allowed multiple answers for each question.

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Asked what their main causes of worry or anxiety about the Games were, 66...

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