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Here’s How Covid-19 Attacks Train Passengers

Next time you are travelling via train, make sure your seat location, travel time and social distancing is just right to minimise infection if a Covid-19 patient is present in the coach.

Scientists from the University of Southampton and colleagues have for the first time detailed the chances of catching Covid-19 in a train carriage carrying an infectious person.

The ‘attack rate’ for each seat — the number of passengers in a given seat diagnosed with Covid-19, divided by the total number of passengers travelling in the same seat –increased by 0.15 per cent for every hour that a person travelled with an infected patient.

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For those in adjacent seats, this rate of increase was higher at 1.3 per cent per hour.

Interestingly, the ...

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Financial fallout from a canceled football season would be significant for Florida State

TALLAHASSEE — The coronavirus has already caused significant issues for the Florida State athletic department.

FSU announced earlier this month that it was reducing its budget by 20% with coaches taking pay cuts and the elimination of 25 full-time positions. 

Football coach Mike Norvell took a 25% pay cut, athletic director David Coburn a 20% pay cut, and basketball coaches Leonard Hamilton and Sue Semrau each took 15% pay cuts. 

But these budget cuts came before any clarification on whether or not the 2020 football season will be played.

On Wednesday, the ACC announced it was planning a 10-plus-one schedule model for its teams, meaning they would play 10 conference games and one non-conference...

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Wellness: An Important Part of Leisure

Standing at the crossroads of health and travel, wellness retreats and centers have gained feet in the Indian market in the past decade. In the current crisis where health is in focus like never before, wellness retreats provide a holistic and much-needed escape.

Manu Rishi Guptha, CEO of Niraamaya Wellness Retreats, says the idea of a holiday has changed, and wellness is an integral part of leisure, especially at a time when immunity is important than ever.

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“Earlier the definition of holiday used to be, go, and indulge. Now people are wanting to slow down, even on holiday, because of the fast-paced lifestyle cities offer. People want to invest money in themselves, in their health...

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Education With Regional Languages Gets 80% Nods

The new National Education Policy (NEP) announced by the central government last week has introduced major reforms in Indian education at all levels. For languages, it lays emphasis on learning in the mother tongue or regional language as the medium of instruction till Grade 5, to promote multilingualism. The NEP has also given a list of foreign language electives students can take from the secondary school level.

“Wherever possible, the medium of instruction until at least Grade 5, but preferably till Grade 8 and beyond, will be the home language, mother tongue, local language, or the regional language. Thereafter, the home or local language shall continue to be taught as a language wherever possible. This will be followed by both public and private schools,” said the policy.

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Celebrate A Digital Raksha Bandhan by Sending Virtual Rakhis

With travel restrictions and physical distancing becoming the new normal this year, traditional visits to our siblings for Rakhi this year are being substituted by virtual Rakhis sent online.

Major e-commerce sites have seen a massive jump in the number of orders placed for rakhis and e-gifts given the restrictions and apprehensions about travel and social distancing.

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Snapdeal saw rakhi orders jumping three-fold as more users have opted to buy or send Rakhis online. Adding to the trend, Snapdeal’s shoppers moved to completely digital solutions for Raksha Bandhan this year by choosing E-Gift cards as the topmost Rakhi gift.

The platform witnessed a surge in the sale of digital gift cards two weeks before Rakshabandhan...

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Storm Isaias: Tropical storm warning in effect for Florida’s east coast

Check back throughout the day for the latest updates on Isaias and how it could impact Florida.

Tropical storm Isaias continues to bring heavy rainfall and gusty winds to the northwestern Bahamas as tropical storm conditions near Florida’s east coast according to the 5 a.m. advisory by the National Hurricane Center.

The NHC report indicates that the maximum sustained winds are near 65 mph with higher gusts. Little change in strength is expected during the next couple of days.

Isaias by the numbers at 5 a.m.:

  • Location: About 45 miles east-northeast of Fort Lauderdale and 45 miles southeast of West Palm Beach
  • Maximum sustained winds: 65 mph
  • Present movement: 9 mph
  • Next advisory: 8 a.m.

According to the latest report, Is...

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ISRO’s “Vikram” of Chandrayaan-2 Might be Found

Space enthusiast Shanmuga Subramanian, who found the debris of India’s moon lander Vikram, said on Saturday that Chandrayaan-2’s rover Pragyan seems to be intact on the moon’s surface and had rolled out a few meters from the lander.

In a series of tweets along with the pictures of the moon surface, Subramanian said: “Chandrayaan-2’s Pragyan “ROVER” intact on Moon’s surface & has rolled out few meters from the skeleton Vikram lander whose payloads got disintegrated due to rough landing.”

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“We have received communication from him (Subramanian). Our experts are analyzing the same,” K. Sivan, Chairman, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), told IANS.

“It seems the commands were sent to the lander blindly for days ...

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 اب وهوا مشهد در فصل تابستان چگونه است؟

مشهد یکی از شهرهای استان خراسان رضوی  است که در شمال شرقی کشور قرار گرفته است  و سالانه تعداد افراد زیادی را به عنوان توریست چه از  شهر های دیگر ایران و چه از کشورهای دیگر به سمت خود جذب می کند. مشهد به دلیل وجود حرم امام رضا (ع) دارای اهمیت بسیاری است و همین موضوع باعث شده است که به یکی از قطب های مذهبی گردشگری ایران تبدیل شود. به سبب وجود حرم امام رضا در این شهر امکانات گردشگری بسیاری فراهم شده است که از میان آن ها می ‌توان به هتل های مجلل، مراکز خرید، رستوران های مختلف و… اشاره نمود. البته ناگفته نماند که مشهد جاذبه های گردشگری بسیاری دارد، اما بیشتر گردشگران با هدف زیارت به این شهر سفر می‌کنند؛ به همین علت آب و هوا در این شهر بسیار اهمیت دارد...

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Memory Loss Can Be Reversed in People With Cognitive Decline

Cognitive decline is a major concern of the aging population. Already, Alzheimer’s disease affects approximately 5.4 million Americans and 30 million people globally. Without effective prevention and treatment, the prospects for the future are bleak. By 2050, it is estimated that 160 million people globally will have the disease, including 13 million Americans, leading to potential bankruptcy of the Medicare system. Unlike several other chronic illnesses, Alzheimer’s disease is on the rise–recent estimates suggest that Alzheimer’s disease has become the third leading cause of death in the United States behind cardiovascular disease and cancer. Since its first description over 100 years ago, Alzheimer’s disease has been without effective treatment...

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Amidst Pandemic, Frantic Doctors Trade Tips Across Oceans

Amid the chaos of the pandemic’s early days, doctors who faced the first coronavirus onslaught reached across oceans and language barriers in an unprecedented effort to advise colleagues trying to save lives in the dark.

With no playbook to follow and no time to wait for research, YouTube videos describing autopsy findings and X-rays swapped on Twitter and WhatsApp spontaneously filled the gap.

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When Stephen Donelson arrived at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in mid-March, Dr. Kristina Goff was among those who turned to what she called “the stories out of other places that were hit before.”

Donelson’s family hadn’t left the house in two weeks after COVID-19 started spreading in Texas, hoping to shield the ...

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